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In most cases, images that are posted on this blog were not taken by me unless you see Fashion Blonde IQ written on the image, so we do not claim ownership of them in any way, shape, or form or fashion. We do give links and credits back to the sources that we retrieve images. If you believe material on Fashion Blonde IQ is infringing upon your copyright, please e-mail with the following and the infringing material will be removed as soon as possible.

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For Inquiries

For Designers: We love to welcome new designers, with feature stories, exclusive interviews and would be happy to write about you! Designers featured on the Fashion Blonde IQ must have a look book and a website. Be sure to include your pictures and a link to your website.

For Advertisements & Sponsorship Opportunities: If you are a company that reaches a target audience of women ages 18-35 that is obsessed with the culture of the Fashion & Beauty industry, then sponosorship is definately for you! We are open to advertising for various companies that fit the appropiate target market while giving you the maximum exposure for fashion and beauty viewers everywhere!

For more information on our sponsorship packages, contact us at:

Fashion Blonde IQ

New York, NY











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