Fall 2011 Couture Week

13 Jul
Fall Couture Week is near and dear to my heart, it is my absolute favorite time a year when designers can get their most creative, the more dramatic, the better!! Here are my faves!!

Classic Couture Meets the Evolution of Coco CHANEL

This Fall 2011 couture show epitomized the feminine, classic combination with an androgynous sense of style of Coco herself. The colors were rich and beautiful with lots of texture and pops of fuchsia. I enjoyed seeing the reoccurring tweed in which I always look forward to, but also the leathers, silks, and fabulous full length gloves!

Grand Palais, Paris

For the Love of Couture: Elie Saab

Dramatic lengths and organza detailing, designer Saab never seizes to amaze fashion industry professionals when it comes to couture designing. This fall implicates colors of pale blues, white, and deep beautiful navy. This collection was a modern take of old Hollywood glam, as it was trimmed with impeccable beading and hanging crystals. I completely fell in love with this collection.

A New Clown is in Town: The Reinvention of Christian Dior Couture

Ruffled collars and pleated skirts, Christian Dior Couture has done it again, dug deep into their creatively amazing sense of fashion at it’s all time high. The collection transitions from quirky-chic innovation to clean sleek lines of dramatic colors and prints, then ended with a-lined drama.

Susanna Venegas & Bill Gaytten


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