Top 10 Items to Increase Your Fashion Blonde IQ for Summer

31 May

Every item you need to get your Fashion Frenzy Fix! These are LaFleur’s picks that every Fashion Blonde will need to conquer her quests this summer!

  1. Chunky Platform Shoes $169.00


      2. The Maxi Skirt $89.90 

      3. Crochet Monokini $129.00

      4. The Cuffed Sandal £ 28.00

      5. 2 Finger Chain Ring $58.00

     6. Cat Eye Sunglasses TomFord Retailed at Neiman Marcus for $360.00 but also sold for $269.95 at

      7. Summer Turban $28.00

      8. The Reoccuring Satchel £85.00

    9. CHANEL Nail Polish: Mimosa $25

10. Blue Lipstick! $9 **I wore it last week, and I’m Addicted!!**


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